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About Eden Herbs

In the Beginning

Eden Herbs sprouted from the Caribbean's healthy tradition in natural herbal remedies, and the vision of our founder, Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose, a qualified Integrative Health Practitioner, Dermatologist and Herbalist, to blossom into a unique service of health and beauty enhancement … naturally.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Eden Herbs is:

“To produce high quality herbal products to increase awareness of the value and benefits of our Caribbean herbs and encourage conservation, propagation and utilization of them”.

What is Herbal Medicine?


The practice of herbal medicine offers you relief from symptoms and also an improved standard of general health and vitality.


Herbal Medicine is all about restoring you, the patient, to the maximum possible state of personal well-being, and has something to offer all, however serious or minor your problems. Herbal Medicine successfully alleviates a variety of conditions on a regular basis, and has the gratitude of millions of former sufferers.

These conditions include:


Arthritis & Rheumatism;

Asthma & Lung Disease;

Children’s complaints;

Cystitis & Urinary Disorders;


Digestive & Bowel Conditions;

Eczema & Skin Disorders;

Female Conditions & Menstrual Problems;

Heart & Circulatory Conditions;

High Blood Pressure;

Infections & Immune Deficiency;

ME & Chronic Fatigue;


Stress & Emotional Problems;

Weight Problems;

And many more.

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Herbal remedies do not have the aggressive and invasive action of modern drugs. Instead, they provide the necessary trace elements, vitamins and medicinal substances in a harmonious whole, so as to return you to full health. Herbal remedies are robust and effective and will often correct a problem quickly, and in chronic cases, you may need to take the remedies over a period of weeks or months making such adjustment to diet and life-style as are necessary.

These herbal medicines are most commonly presented in liquid form as tinctures, fluid extracts or syrups, and may, on occasion, be given dry to be taken as infusions or decoctions, or in powdered from as tablets or capsules. They also can be given in the form of local applications, ointments, lotions and poultices as required.Herbal Medicines can, of course, be taken simultaneously with other conventional medicines or with treatment from other doctors.

Tropical Leaves

Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose  M.B., B.S. Dip. Derm.
Member of the Nationa
l Institute of Medical Herbalists
(MNIMH) Integrative Health Practitioner


Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose, Saint Lucian born qualified Integrative Health Practitioner, Dermatologist and Herbalist.

At present, Dr. Gilberta St. Rose practices Integrative Medicine privately in Rodney Bay, and is the Chief Executive Officer of a herbal manufacturing and distribution enterprise -
Eden Herbs.

Education and Training

  • 1992 - Diploma in Phytotherapy - College of Phytotherapy [Herbal Medicine] - Sussex, England.

  • 1991 - Diploma in Practical Dermatology - University of Wales School of Medicine.

  • 1986 - General Practice Training - St. George's Hospital Medical School - London.[Commonwealth Scholar award]

  • 1979 - Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery [M.B.;B.S.] - University of the West Indies. Distinction in Anatomy.

Awards & Recognition

  • Canadian International Development Agency [CIDA] award, based on the UWI open scholarship examinations.

  • Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (MNIMH) Integrative Health Practitioner.

  • Past president of Caribbean Association of Researchers and Herbal Practitioners [CARAPA] and president of Caribbean Association for Plant Science, Industry, Commerce and Use in Medicine [CAPSICUM].

  • Also past coordinator of TRAMIL [Traditional Medicine of the Islands Project] for the Eastern Caribbean.

  • Past president Rotary Club St Lucia South.

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