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Aloe post: Round 2

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

So let’s get to know a little about our bodies here. Don’t you just love those ‘ouu’ / ‘ahh’ moments when someone tells you a really interesting fact which can improve your health? We sure do! So aloe has loads of beneficial properties to our digestive tract, mainly because it has primary contact with it (because as you know our nutrients don’t go directly to our fingers and toes). I’m sure you’re aware of the process of digestion right? We ingest the food (Eden Herbs Aloe drink). And then we masticate, which means to chew, but in this case we don’t because it is in liquid form. Well hopefully we don’t. Then we swallow, peristalsis (automatic muscular movement) will then take it into our stomach, large intestine small intestine and then rectum. From which it will hopefully make a peaceful exit into our waste disposable area of our choice.

On this route, as you can see our aloe drink will come into contact with quite a few organs. You may have to YouTube the full bio class for the details on absorption and breakdown of substances but you get the drift of its main points of contact. Starting with the mouth, aloe is known to treat and prevent mouth ulcers. This can be caused by bacteria in the mouth, secondary to a cold sore, fever blister or even canker sores. A quick tip also, canker sores are usually inside the mouth and non- contagious whereas cold sores are found in the mouth and on the lips.

It is extremely important to listen to our body signals and TREAT FROM THE SOURCE. Cold sores are mainly caused by the herpes simplex virus and indeed useful to know, as it can be spread quite easily through kissing, sharing lipsticks etc. While there is no cure for it, treating the sores can abate its spread.

Further peristalsis will take the aloe juice into your oesophagus (including throat area). Here it can be used for the treatment of strep throat or sore throat caused by our not so best friend cold and flu virus simply drinking Eden herbs mixture or gargling it can help. Traditionally in the Caribbean, we do use alcohol in our flu mixtures but if you find this too harsh for your throat tenderness you can also add hot water to the mixture which will cause the alcohol to evaporate.

Furthermore, into our stomach; here it will be beneficial for the treatment of conditions such as stomach ulcers. Some of us may know how painful this can be. Irritating also, as it hinders us from eating certain foods or having any appetite at all. Gastric ulcers are caused by the weaning away of our stomach lining which leaves it vulnerable to abrasion. Aloe will support this by not only serving as a protective barrier but also decreasing the secretion of stomach acid which causes the erosion in the first place.

Proceeding from a stomach ulcer, the stomach may become inflamed as the body’s natural response to heal itself. This inflammation may cause further issues in itself. Aloe was shown to have healing properties, without the use to leukocyte interference (our inflammation culprits), which contrived for a more desirable healing process of the stomach wall.

Tune in next time to check out the rest of the aloe benefits including topical use, and some really impressive, borderline miraculous results for the skin also.

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