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Website Updates - 15.8.20

As you may have noticed, there's been some visual updates done to the website recently, both on desktop, and mobile, especially. While the website's visuals are still undergoing subtle changes, there are a couple major changes you should be aware of.

Customer Login/Registration

We've added a customer login/registration functionality to allow you, our valued customer, the ability to log in and have a smoother experience. With this you will have access to your own customer profile, which will open up added benefits such as but not limited to, being able to view your past and current orders, save products to a wishlist, and store your addresses for a faster checkout experience.

Policy Agreements

In accordance to the additional above listed user functionality, we've added a Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy. These documents are integral to understanding our policies regarding not only your data but other business practices, including but not limited to data security, returns, refunds, and prohibited user activities. The links to these documents are featured in the website's footer (bottom of page).

We hope you take the time to read through and explore the changes, and we also hope you continue to support our store.

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